Some Simple Kindness Card Starter Suggestions

  • Smile! You are a hero and we thank you! 
  • You are stronger than you think! You are a warrior and a hero!
  • In a world where you can be anything, you are brave & strong!
  • Storms don’t last forever and many have rainbows! 
  •  You are making the day better for everyone you meet! 
  • Smiles from our Hearts to Yours!
  • Your roots are strong! Bloom! 
  • To you we send HOPE, FAITH, LOVE and many thanks for the hard work you've done. 
  • Smile, Y-O-U are a game changer!
  • You make us proud!
  • You are a champion! You are a hero! 
  • Continue to be strong! 
  • Be brave…. you got this!
  • We believe in you!
  • Greatness grows within your heart!
  • We see you shining bright and we send our thanks! 
  • You, yes you…. Radiate awesomeness! 
  • Thank you for the caring way you do your job! 
  • So grateful for you! 
  • We are blessed because of your hard work and dedication. 
  • The world is a better and brighter place because of you! 
  • Thank you for all the small and big things you do every day for others.
  • You are making a big difference in healing the world!
  • Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate you! 

Suggestions written from Carol Fine Arts Inc & KIDS CARE